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What to Look for in a Care Home

Choosing a care home is an activity that requires utmost consideration. You are making a choice that will support the wellbeing of a loved one, making sure that they are comfortable and happy. Many towns and cities will offer a variety of care homes. As such, the choice might often feel overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the facilities and organisations that are often in place. To help you feel more confident in your decision, here are qualities that each care home should offer as well as what you should be looking for.

One of the most important qualities of the care home you are considering is the facilities offered. If it is to be a new home for your loved one you should be confident that the building will support their happiness. Consider the amount of light each room receives, as well as the design. Are the rooms well maintained? Your loved one may require extra consideration, so check the location and frequency of toilets, handrails, and panic buttons. If you will require wheelchair access, is there any restriction to mobility?

Within the care home will be a social area. This area will offer seating, games, television, and should feel immediately welcoming. Are the chairs organised in a manner that facilitates social activity? Are they comfortable? It is important to take your time when making the decision since you will be likely choosing on behalf of someone else.

When visiting the care home, put time aside to speak to the staff. It is important to get a feel for the work they perform. Are they attentive to the residents? Do you feel comfortable that they are aware of the resident’s needs at all times? The staff should be friendly as well as talk confidently about what your loved one can expect. What training and qualifications does each staff member have? For instance, there should be a member of staff trained in dementia care.

Be sure to speak to the residents themselves too. Often they will give great insight into their experiences as well as more information about daily activities and meetings. Many care homes will offer regular activities for the residents or even organised outings for small groups. Take the time to ask about the socialisation that occurs as it is important that your loved one is among friends.

While there are many excellent care homes in West Somerset, there are also many personal factors that make up the right choice. Consider the visiting times for residents. Does the care home offer a schedule that works with your own? Since your visits are paramount to your loved one, this will be an important quality to look for. Are they able to accommodate any unique requirements that your loved one may have? If so, are there any extra costs? All inclusions to the costs should be laid out before signing the contract so that once it is signed; you have total peace of mind.