Professional Assistance Might be the Solution to Succeed in Your Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) Application

Have you tried countlessly to apply to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA)? Perhaps you are unsure of the steps or important things to do when applying to become a PR in Singapore? Then maybe a Singapore PR application agency would suit you well.

There are a variety of services that a Singapore PR application agency provides that can help you in understanding the PR application process as well as guiding you and simplifying the process along the way. If you are unsure whether you require help on your Singapore PR application then this article will shine some light on why a PR application agency is recommended for you.

The main objective of a PR application agency is to ensure that potential clients like you are successful in becoming a PR in Singapore. A PR application agency is well versed in the PR application process set by the ICA and is willing to guide you along. More agencies begin with a consultant or customer service officer that will discuss your situation and circumstances with you before assessing a possible route for you to take. After the consultation, the consultants will advise you on the appropriate timing to submit your application to the ICA. This process depends on the working pass you possess if you are a P1 pass holder meaning you have a salary of $8000 and above, you can apply within 12 months after starting your employment. If you are a P2 pass holder meaning you have a salary of $4500, you should apply 24 months after you commence your employment. Lastly, for Q or S it is recommended that you apply for PR in 36 months after commencing your employment in Singapore.

A PR application agency will consolidate your documents that the ICA requires which include the original and photocopied version of the document. This is important as the ICA assessing agent will keep the photocopied version and return you the originals after verification. It is recommended that you bring any document in a foreign language to related embassies to have it translated and stamped. Documents of proof that you own Singapore properties are a great way to show the ICA that you possess the financial capability and display your intention to stay in Singapore for a long time.

These are the services that a PR application agency provides along with an extensive helping hand that guides you along the way step by step, listening and addressing any concerns you might have. Even with the aid from a professional agency, rejection is still possible. If you are faced with failure, it is not the end, as you can always apply again. However, the professionals from a PR application agency advise the importance to take note that multiple applications should be submitted after 6 months of waiting. This is to increase your chance of success as it does not help your situation if there are no significant changes such as new education or salary rise.