How Well Behaved Is Your Dog?

Having a dog is a big responsibility that some people take seriously but others do not. In fact, many dog owners treat their dogs just the same as people but forget that they are a different species. As affectionate and companionable as dogs are, they do have a different psychology and require boundaries to be set so that they can be happy. So how obedient is your dog?

Being a Responsible Dog Owner

A huge part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring that the dog has a set routine and strong boundaries. Unfortunately, many dog owners aren’t too good at setting hard boundaries and this can cause significant behaviour problems, including:

  • Aggression: Though aggression is inherent in most animal species, including ourselves, it only occurs in domesticated dogs when there is an issue. Many dogs that display aggressive behaviour are anxious and stressed about a situation or fearful for their own safety. This can sometimes happen when strong behavioural boundaries aren’t in place. This is where expert dog training in Sydney can really help.
  • Territorial: Dogs by nature are territorial creatures but this instinct can become a real issue when it is not curbed in the proper way. Many owners treat their canines as if they were people and this can lead to unattractive behaviour, including aggressive territorial behaviour. This will often be displayed as barking and growling when someone comes near to the dog’s favourite person as it defends its In the dog’s mind, the person is owned by it and needs to be protected from aggressors. This is very clearly undesirable behaviour and requires a course of professional Sydney dog training.

How Can Dog Training Courses Help You?

If you’re struggling to control your dog and it is displaying poor behaviour that is affecting you and your family, it’s important to have it attend professional dog training. So what will obedience training do for your furry friend? Consider the following:

  • Boundaries: Dogs need boundaries for their behaviour in order to be happy. A dog’s psychology is based on an ordered hierarchy of authority and it needs to understand who the boss is to be comfortable and happy. Dog training will teach your canine that there are rules to heed and that humans are in charge and not the other way around.
  • Commands: When your dog attends a training school, it learns to understand basic commands such as “stop,” “heel,” and “sit.” This allows owners to have better control over the behaviour of their dogs at home and while out of the home.

If you’re looking for convenient dog boarding in Sydney or a dog training school, the good news is that there are plenty of options. By training your dog and having it attend obedience school, it will learn much-needed boundaries for its behaviour and this will improve your relationship with your furry friend. If you really want to have the best relationship with your dog, taking it to a professional obedience school is one of the best things you can do for it.