All You Need to Know About Oil Burner Parts

Oil burners are widely used due to the vast necessity of heat and warm water. Oil burner repair can be a frequent issue, and knowledge of its parts can quickly solve it. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to buy spare parts instead of a replacement and get them installed by professionals.

Oil Burner Parts That Can Be Easily Replaced

An oil burner’s job is to evaporate or volatilise oil to be burned with the smallest oil droplets as achievable. Having a basic knowledge of its framework can save you a lot of labour and money. It is actually quite easy to find most oil burner parts in Cradley Heath and have them replaced in a short span of time.


The furnace is controlled via a single thermostat, which can perform many functions that include:

  • Controlling the temperature of the air in the area or areas being warmed
  • Shutting an electrical current
  • Sending a signal for the heat

If it’s not working, you can easily get a new one and install it without replacing your oil burner with a new one.

Cadmium Cell

On an oil burner, the cad cell is the primary safety device and is situated in the rear of the stove access panel, within the burner component. Its purpose is to verify (identify and confirm) the burner fire at the beginning of the heating process.

Controlling System

The fanning and limiter management is a shifting and safety mechanism usually found in a metal box connected to the furnace’s exterior. Its purpose is to switch on and off the fan within a specific heating rate. It’s also a good idea to turn off the heat if the stove becomes too hot.