Calling For Like Minded Contributors


I started this blog back in 2013 when Moyes took over after Fergie’s retirement. The reason I decided to create this blog was due to the shortage of tactical analysis focusing on United, hmmm, actually no, I just had enough of how the fans, pundits and the media were overrating Wayne Rooney years after years and it seemed he can’t do no wrong no matter how badly he played at that time. This built up inside me and I just needed a channel to express my view on this. Thus, was born. Continue reading

Thoughts On Arsenal


A lot had been said about tactics or players selection in the 3-0 defeat to Arsenal but this was one of those games whereby the players seemed took the foot off the gas especially in the defensive phase. It couldn’t be sure whether it was due to fatigue or complacency but in a big game against Arsenal who were looking to bounce back from the defeat against Olympiakos in the midweek Champions League, United were being punished for not playing at their 100%. Continue reading

Learning From The Past: Louis Van Gaal & Carlos Queiroz

carlos-queirozLately, there have been a lot of negative reports over the players’ dissatisfaction towards Van Gaal whereby the senior players have voiced out their unhappiness on the coach’s tactics, training and regimes. It couldn’t be sure whether or not these reports hold any truth but it all sounds too familiar if we go back to the time of Carlos Queiroz as Fergie’s right hand man. Continue reading

Balance Between Possession & Penetration

Britain Soccer Premier League

Even before the 2-1 defeat to Swansea, the sterile possession of Van Gaal’s attacking system had been subjected to criticism from fans and pundits alike. It was understandable as United were renowned for their high speed, intensity and tempo during Fergie’s 26 years tenure which provided plenty of excitement and entertainment to the fans. When a continental and tactical coach like Van Gaal came in with his measured and methodological approach, it required a huge paradigm shift in terms of interpretation of the game. Continue reading

Revisiting Van Gaal’s Principles Of Play

Louis Van Gaal Tactics philosophy

Even though United played one of the better games against Brugge in the Champions League but with Van Gaal at the helm so far with United, his tactical philosophy had raised more questions than answer from fans and pundits alike because his tactics, on face value, seems counter intuitive. But he was the man responsible for the 95 Ajax team in which Jorge Valdarno described as reaching “Football Utopia” and Pep Guardiola said that this team “gave football lessons to those who were familiar with the game”. In order to understand what Van Gaal trying to accomplish, we have to revisit his tactical philosophy. Continue reading

United’s Problem Against Southampton


Van Gaal had once said,“the transition is the most important aspect of the game”. It means that having the possession of the ball when the opponent is disorganised defensively. With Rooney’s energy, running and his long passing range coupled with Mata’s intelligence runs, control and vision, there is the phase where both of them able to thrive. Continue reading